Off to New Zealand | Craig, Amber & Kylin

It hasn’t hit yet – that they’re leaving. This family filled their home with my photos for the past 10 years. Walls, mantles, shelves. Everywhere. It started when Amber hired me to photograph their dog, Bear, as a gift for Craig. Some of those photos are still framed in their home as they pack up to head to New Zealand.

I photographed their wedding and then their baby, Kylin. And then Kylin and my son – she gave him his first girl kiss. They held hands as they walked down the street together. At one point, Kylin proposed to him: hey, Quinn, do you want to get married? He yelled back, yeah!

Amber wanted more photos before they leave Colorado. They aren’t able to take sweet Bear with them, so we made sure to include her in these photos. The next family session will have to be when we visit them in New Zealand.

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